Ammonia Inhalants

Ammonia inhalants also known as smelling salts are intended for benign losses of consciousness, caused by things like hunger, lack of sleep, stifling heat, excessive exercise and more. We carry both Xgen and Dynarex brand Ammonia Inhalents and the Humco Aromatic Ammonia Spirits.

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Ammonia Inhalants - Dynarex

Respiratory Stimulant 15% - 35% Inhalant
Economical Box of 10 Ampules
$5.99 excluding shipping

Ammonia Inhalants - Xgen

Respiratory Stimulant 15% - 35% Inhalant
Top Brand Box of 10 Ampules
From $8.99 excluding shipping

Respiratory Stimulant 2% - Humco

Aromatic Ammonia Spirit 2%
Use to prevent or treat fainting
$8.99 excluding shipping