A variety of Housekeeping Products selected  for Birth Centers and small professional practices. Our selection of housekeeping supplies include bio hazard products, utility pails, ice packs, measuring cups, and utility carts. Based on customer requests, we will be adding more products to this section.


Biohazard Step Can - Rubbermaid

Maximum Infectious Waste & Odor Control in 7, 12 & 24 Gallons.
Ideal for use in Birth Centers and Professional Offices.
$0.00 excluding shipping

Ice Pack

$0.25 excluding shipping

Soiled Linen Cart

With Step-on Foot Pedal
Cart Only
$139.00 excluding shipping

Infectious Waste Biohazard Bags

Red Bags with Biohazard Label
6, 15 & 33 Gallon Capacity Bags
$0.00 excluding shipping

Measuring Cups - Rubbermaid

Clear, Dishwasher Safe 32 oz & 4 qt Cups
$28.00 excluding shipping

Utility Cart Plastic - Rubbermaid

All Purpose Utility Cart With 3 Shelves
$175.00 excluding shipping

Utility Cart Stainless Steel

Heavy Duty Utility Cart With 3 Shelves
$215.00 excluding shipping

Utility Pail - Rubbermaid

Heavy Duty Thick Walled Plastic Bucket
10qt & 14qt
$25.00 excluding shipping

Utility Pail Double - Rubbermaid

Double Pail Plastic Bucket
19 qt
$49.00 excluding shipping