BSE Models

Breast Self Exam/BSE Models

BSE Models are an ideal way to provide information either individually or in a group setting. Our selection includes breast exam kits, fibrocystic models, group models, lymph node models, teen breast exam models and more.

We feature the most popular professional BSE models from 3B Scientific, Childbirth Graphics, Health Edco, Lifeform and Nasco. If you would like more information about any of our products or need a quote for large orders, e-mail



ABC Cup BSE Model Set

Models Contain Palpable & Non Palpable Lumps
$264.00 excluding shipping

Breast Exam Simulator

Offers Unparalleled Realism
Great Teaching Tool
$0.00 excluding shipping

Breast Examination Kit

Ideal for Identifying & Teaching Various Breast Pathologies
$2339.00 excluding shipping

Breast Model Cross-Section

Depicts Common Breast Pathologies
$69.00 excluding shipping

Breastology Bag Training Model

Includes 6 Soft Sculpted Breast Models and Tote Bag
$109.00 excluding shipping

BSE Model, 3 Breast

Three Realistic Breasts on a Base
Features Benign & Malignant Tumors
$589.00 excluding shipping

Female Breast Model

Features a Lactating and Non-Lactating Breast
Both Depiciting Common Diseases
$599.00 excluding shipping

Fibrocystic BSE Model

Great Educational Tool
$126.00 excluding shipping

Group BSE Model

Group Breast Self-Exam Model
Beige or Brown
$390.00 excluding shipping

Interchangeable Nodules BSE Model

With Interchangeable Lump Sizes
$143.00 excluding shipping

Left Breast Model with Irregular Masses

Full Size Model with Embedded Lumps
$109.00 excluding shipping

Lymph Node Model

Model for Detecting Lumps Under the Arm
Comes With Carrying Case
$111.00 excluding shipping

Single Breast Examination Trainer Kit

Includes BSE Tear Pad & Trainer
Available in Dark and Light
$152.30 excluding shipping

Standard BSE Model

Mimics Feel of Real Tissue
Ideal for Breast Self Awarness Education
$92.00 excluding shipping

Standard BSE Model Kit

Breast Self-Exam Model Kit Includes Both Beige & Brown Breast Models
Includes Carrying Case
$158.00 excluding shipping

Teen BSE Model

Breast Self Exam Model For Teenagers
Available in Beige or Brown
$89.00 excluding shipping

Wearable BSE Model

Demonstrates Realistic BSE
Carrying Case Available
$0.00 excluding shipping