Cardiobeat Vascular Doppler System - Medasonics

Detects Weak Pulses
Includes Digital Display
SKU: 7691
Manufacturer part number: 101 0312 010
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MedaSonics® CardioBeat® Vascular Doppler System

The MedaSonics® CardioBeat® Vascular Doppler, which displays beats per minute for added convenience. This Doppler consistently detects weak pulses not obtainable with conventional auscultation, verifies vessel patency, and screens for venous thrombosis.


  • Locate vessels and assess patency, calculate ankle-brachial index and measure systolic blood pressure
  • Enhanced Detection Mode® increases Doppler sensitivity at the touch of a button
  • Heart rate display calculates beats per minute in an easy to read format for added convenience
  • Break Noise Suppression® dampens feedback from probe to patient contact
  • Consistently detects weak pulses not obtainable with conventional auscultation
  • Verifies vessel patency and screens for venous thrombosis
  • 5-year warranty on parts, 1-year warranty on labor


  • 5 MHz Doppler
  • Integrated speaker
  • Pulse rate display
  • Gel
  • 9V battery
  • Soft carrying case

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