Cervical Dilation Models

Cervical Dilation and Effacement  Models are used by childbirth educators, doulas, midwives, nurse midwives, obstetrical nurses and other childbirth professionals  for teaching students and expectant parents how to determine cervical dilation; both visually and by touch. Our selection includes the very popular Plastic Cervical Dilation Chart plus a great selection of professional quality models and wall charts.



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Birthing Stages Trainer - 3B

Ideal for Teaching Midwifery & Obstetric Students Correct Labor Progress
Includes 6 Cervical Inserts
$1229.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Dilatation Effacement Simulators - Life/form

Simulator Designed for Teaching, Demonstration, & Practice of Cervical Exams
Five Year Warranty
$999.40 excluding shipping

Cervical Dilatation Models

Includes 9 Individual Models
$91.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Dilation Chart

Molded Plastic Dilation Chart
**Cascade Bestseller**
$17.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Dilation Easel Display

Tabletop 3-D Display of 8 Stages of Dilation
Excellent for Training Purposes
$135.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Effacement & Dilation Wall Chart

English/Spanish Laminated Wall Chart
$25.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Effacement and Dilation Model

Cervical Effacement and Dilation Model is a 3-D Display
10 Cervical Dilation Models from 1cm - 10cm
$269.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Stacker Model

Teaches Progression of Cervical Dilation
Removable Rings Depict Each Centimer of Cervix Dilation
$59.00 excluding shipping

Cervix Examination Set

Used to Practice Measuring the Cervix
Includes 6 Interchangeable Cervix Models
$649.00 excluding shipping

Cervix Model Cloth Set

Five Models Represent the Progression of Effacement & Dilation
Can Be Used with Fetal Model (Not Included)
$84.00 excluding shipping

Labor Progress Pocket Guide

Shows all 10 Centimeters of Dilation in Actual Size
A Great Visual Aid for Childbirth Educators
$63.00 excluding shipping