Contraceptive educational charts and models used for group or one on one teaching. Our table top charts provide general information about different types of contraceptives. Our contraceptive models are used for teaching about and how to use various forms of male & female contraceptives. We carry products from 3B Scientific, Childbirth Graphics and Nasco.

Birth Control Chart

Birth Control Methods Wall Chart
$22.00 excluding shipping

Condom Model, Female

Learn to Insert Female Condom
Available in Light or Dark Skin
$114.00 excluding shipping

Condom Training Model, Economy

Affordable Model for Demonstrating Condom Use
Ideal for Groups & Classrooms
$107.00 excluding shipping

Condom Training Model, Deluxe

For Demonstrating the Importance of Proper Condom Usage
$196.00 excluding shipping

Contraceptive Awareness Guide

Depicts a Wide Range of Contraceptive Options
Framed Display with Easel
$132.00 excluding shipping

Contraceptive Education Starter Package

Includes: Female Contraceptive Model,
Economy Condom Training Model, and the Contraceptive Awareness Guide
$442.00 excluding shipping

Female Contraceptive Model

Demonstrate Proper Insertion
Female Condoms, Diaphragms, Cervical Caps and Contraceptive Sponges
$172.00 excluding shipping

Female Pelvis Contraceptive Model

For Teaching Insertion of Contraceptive Devices
$109.00 excluding shipping

Guide to Contraceptives Kit

Comprehensive Education Kit
Summarizes Pros, Cons and Reliability
$380.00 excluding shipping

IUD Trainer

IUD Trainer
$19.60 excluding shipping

Understanding Birth Control Flip Chart

Great Visual Tool
Discusses Male & Female Reproductive Anatomy
$106.00 excluding shipping

UV Flashlight for Condom Models

UV Flashlight for Condom Models
$20.00 excluding shipping