Cord Clamp Clippers

Umbilical Cord clamp clippers/cutters are used to remove plastic umbilical cord clamps. Choose from PDI and DeRoyal plastic clippers, our economy metal cord clamp clipper or the Waller Clipper with Carb-n-Sert blades.

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Cord Clamp Clipper Plastic, Economy

Economy Plastic Cord Clamp Clippers
DeRoyal Brand
From $2.29 excluding shipping

Cord Clamp Clipper Plastic, Deluxe

Plastic umbilical cord clamp clipper
PDI Deluxe
From $12.99 excluding shipping

Cord Clamp Clipper, Metal

Metal Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper
Can Be Reused
From $26.99 excluding shipping

Waller Cord Clamp Clipper

Umbilical Cord Clamp Clipper with Carb-N-Sert Blades
Reusable, Autoclavable, Durable
$112.99 excluding shipping