Ear & Eye Models

Cascade carries the best selling, professional quality Ear & Eye models from Life/form and 3B Scientific.

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Ear Exam Model - Life/form

Used to Practice Examination of the Human Ear
$958.85 excluding shipping

Ear Model 6 Part - 3B

Has Removable Eardrum
6 Parts, 3 Times LIfe Size
$189.00 excluding shipping

Ear Model Child - 3B

Oversized Child Ear Model
Ideal for Explaining Otitis Media to Parents
$78.00 excluding shipping

Ear Model for Desktop - 3B

Model is 1.5 Times Life Size
$69.00 excluding shipping

Giant Ear Model 3 Part - 3B

5 Time LIfe Size
Great Classroom Teaching Model
$359.00 excluding shipping

Eye Model - 3B

Oversized Normal Eye Model
Shows Anatomy, Lens & Cornea are Removable
$74.99 excluding shipping

Eye Model 6 Part - 3B

Removable Parts of the Human Eye
5 Times Life Size
$169.00 excluding shipping

Eye Model 12 Part - 3B

Shows the Eyeball & Optic Nerve
5 Times LIfe Size, 12 Part
$739.00 excluding shipping

Eye Model Pathological - 3B

Easily demonstrate diseases of the eye
Great Patient Education Tool
$299.00 excluding shipping