Emergency Supplies

Emergency Supplies for Childbirth Professionals

Our selection of supplies is carefully selected for midwives, EMS providers and other health care professionals who are working in situations that require preparedness in cases of maternal or newborn emergencies.  We carry  Foil Baby Buntings, Emergency Birth Kits, Soft Stretchers, Transwarmer Infant Mattress and Thermal Rescue Blankets.

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Blanket Warmer - RX Warmth

Portable Medical-Grade Blanket Warmer
Holds 2-3 Blankets

$0.00 excluding shipping

Emergency Birth Kit

Disposable Obstetrical Kit for Emergency Deliveries
From $8.00 excluding shipping

Foil Baby Bunting

Sterile Foil Baby Buntings with Hood
Conserves Body Heat in Newborns
From $9.99 excluding shipping

Rescue Blanket

Mylar Alumninum Emergency Rescue Blankets
From $2.39 excluding shipping

Soft Stretcher - Iron Duck

Heavy Duty Soft Stretcher
Compact for Easy Storage
From $164.99 excluding shipping

TransWarmer Infant Transport Mattress

Infant TransWarmer Instant Activated Warming Mattress
From $34.99 excluding shipping