Head/Skull/Brain Models

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Brain Model - 2 Part

3B Scientific Brain Model. The human brain is delivered with removable base for easy display in a classroom or doctor's office.
$129.00 excluding shipping

Brain Model - 5 Part

Now with magnets for easy viewing and hands on learning
$209.00 excluding shipping

Fetal Skull Model

On Stand
$65.00 excluding shipping

Giant Brain Model - 14 Part

2.5 times full-size
$849.00 excluding shipping

Half Head with Musculature Model

This high quality model represents the outer, superficial and the internal (median section) structures of head and neck.
$389.00 excluding shipping

Head and Neck Musculature Model - 5 Part

Head and Neck Musculature Model. Representation of the superficial musculature and deep muscles, nerves and vessels.
$989.00 excluding shipping

Head Model - 6 Part

This life-size 6-part head is mounted on a base and features a removable 4-part brain half with arteries.
$469.00 excluding shipping

Head Section Model

Head Section Model Frontal section through the human paranasal sinuses covered with mucous membrane.
$189.00 excluding shipping

Human Brain Chart

$21.00 excluding shipping

Human Skull Chart

$21.00 excluding shipping

Human Skull Model - Fetal

The anatomy of a human foetal skull can be studied easily with this realistic foetal skull replica.
$55.00 excluding shipping

Human Skull Model - Glow in the Dark

This skull model is an illuminating example of human anatomy.
$149.00 excluding shipping

Human Skull Model with 3 Parts

This 3 part human skull replica for basic anatomical studies of the skull.
$109.00 excluding shipping

Human Skull Model with 8 Parts

8 Part Human Skull Model.
$259.00 excluding shipping

Human Skull with Facial Muscles

With magnetic connections
$329.00 excluding shipping