Intraoperative Dopplers

Intraoperative Dopplers

Intraoperative Dopplers are used whenever there is a need for sterilizable probes, mostly in surgical situations. The Huntleigh Intraoperative doppers & probes can be purchased as a complete system or you can order a probe package that can be used with your  exisiting Hunteigh D900 Mini Dopplex or MD 2 Multi Dopplex.

Intraoperative Doppler Systems - Huntleigh

Surgical Systems with Sterilizable 8mhz Probes
With either the D900 Mini Dopplex or the MD2 Multi Dopplex
$1279.00 excluding shipping

Intraoperative Doppler Probes - Huntleigh

Sterilizable 8mhz Doppler Probes Only
Used with D900 Mini Dopplex or MD 2 Multi Dopplex
$659.00 excluding shipping