Intubation and IV Bags

Iron Duck IV & Intubation Module

Small module/bags designed to store and transport IV & intubation equipment & supplies.

Intubation Module - Iron Duck

Tri-Fold Storage Bag For Intubation Supplies
$65.00 excluding shipping

IV Module - Iron Duck

For Storage & Transportation of IV Fluids & Supplies
$56.99 excluding shipping

IV Starter Caddy - Iron Duck

Holds Necessary Supplies & Fluids To Start IVs
$35.99 excluding shipping

IV Starter Pack - Iron Duck

Holds Necessary Supplies For Quick IV Setups
Pack Does Not Hold IV Fluids
$39.00 excluding shipping

Laryngoscope Bag - Iron Duck

Stores & Protects Laryngoscope Handles & Blades
Room for ET Tubes & Supplies
$44.00 excluding shipping