Gloves - Latex, Nitrile & Synthetic


Gloves are becoming increasingly difficult to source and our stock is becoming very limited. Our selection is now mostly more expensive gloves and in order to help midwives and childbirth professionals; where possible we are lowering our prices.

Our selection of gloves comes in powdered, non-powdered, sterile, non-sterile, as well as varying lengths and thickness to suit the needs of all health care professionals seeking a quality exam or surgical glove.

When researching which gloves would be best suited to the needs of our customers, we took care to pick a comprehensive selection of quality gloves that we can offer at competitive pricing. With the extensive research, we offer products that meet situations that can call for a thinner glove for increased tactility or a longer glove for extended coverage and protection, for any exam and surgical situation.



Latex Exam

Latex Sterile

Nitrile Exam 

Synthetic Exam

Synthetic Sterile