LifeDop Vascular ABI Systems

Summit by Wallach Surgical offers a complete range of ABI Sytems from the most basic to complete systems that do segmental exams.

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Summit LifeDop 250 ABI System

Economical Way to Calculate ABI & Diagnosis PAD
Includes Compact Printer That Captures Waveforms
Multi Unit Discounts Available
$1969.00 excluding shipping

Summit LifeDop 300 ABI System

Portable, Economical ABI System with Printer
Automatic ABI Calculations
Multi Unit Discounts Avaiable
$2199.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista L450VA ABI System

ABI System with PVR & Bi Directional Modalities
Waveform Dispay & Built In Speaker
$4879.00 excluding shipping

Summit Vista L500VA AVS ABI System

Faster, Easier Segmental Exams
Full Featured ABI/Vascular System
Satifies Reimbursement Requirements
$8299.00 excluding shipping