Miltex Instrument Care

The proper cleaning of surgical instruments is critical to ensure safety and long term use. From enzyme cleaners and cleaning brushes to stain remover and complete kits, the Miltex line of care products offers exceptional quality and care for your surgical instruments.


EZ Zyme Enzyme Cleaner - Miltex

Miltex EZ Zyme Liguid Concnetrate
Single Use Packets
From $2.49 excluding shipping

Instrument Care System Kit - Miltex

Miltex Complete Instrument Care Kit
$75.99 excluding shipping

Instrument Liquid Cleaner - Miltex

Miltex Biodegradable, Rinse-Free Instrument Cleaner
From $10.99 excluding shipping

Instrument Spray Lubricant - Miltex

Miltex Non-Silicone Surgical Instrument Lubricant
8oz Spray Bottle
From $11.99 excluding shipping

Instrument Stain Remover - Miltex

Miltex Multi-Purpose Instrument Stain Remover
Removes Stains, Tarnish and Adds Luster
From $8.99 excluding shipping