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Osteoporosis Model

Model for Comparing Osteoporotic and Normal Thoracic Vertebrae
Ideal for Education and Patient Consulatation
$92.00 excluding shipping

Cervical Exam and Pap Smear Test Trainer

Practice External & Internal Exam
Features 7 Cervical Conditions
$311.85 excluding shipping

Condom Model, Female

Learn to Insert Female Condom
Available in Light or Dark Skin
$114.00 excluding shipping

Gynecological Model

Gynecological Model for Teaching Insertion of Contraceptives
Transparent Vagina and Uterus
$339.00 excluding shipping

Gynecologic Skills Trainer

Excellent Tool for Developing Skills
Realistic Look, Feel and Texture
$959.00 excluding shipping

Pelvic Exam & Gynecological Simulator

Ideal for all Aspects of Gyn Education & Training
Interchangeable Components
$0.00 excluding shipping