Oxygen Regulators

Oxygen Regulators

Our oxygen regulators are from Western Medica and have been chosen for their ease of use and durability. Choose from click style or the gauge style.   Our oxygen regulators are ideal for childbirth professionals and others who need a regulator for use when administering oxygen and require a flow rate from 1/4 to 15 LPM. Other flow rates are available but not listed on our site, email for information. 


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Regulator Click Style - Western Medica

Compact Click Style Regulator
Flow Rate of 1/4 to 15 LPM
$68.99 excluding shipping

Regulator M1 870 - Western Medica

Dial Type Regulator
Flow Rate 2 - 15 LPM
$129.00 excluding shipping

Gasket for Regulators, Brass

Metal Gasket for Regulators
$1.99 excluding shipping

Gaskets for Regulators, Nylon

Yellow Replacement Gaskets for Regulators
From $0.39 excluding shipping

Nipple and Nut Hose Adaptor

Barbed Hose Adaptor For Standard Threaded Oxygen Outlets
From $1.19 excluding shipping