Seca Flat/Floor Scales

Seca since 1849 has been  dedicated to providing high-precision, timeless modern scales and measuring systems.

Seca Flat Scales professional quality scales are portable and ideal for use in limited space. Many of the digital flat scales feature mother/child function that determines the tare of the weight with just the touch of a button

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869 Flat Scale - Seca

Portable Scale with Separate Digital Display
Tare Function for Weighing Adults/Children
$0.00 excluding shipping

874 DR Flat Scale - Seca

Portable, Easy to Operate with Long Battery Life
Mother/Child Function for Weighing Small Children in Arms
$349.00 excluding shipping

876 Flat Scale - Seca

Portable, Weights up to 550lb
Mother/ChildFunction for Weighing Small Children in Arms
$0.00 excluding shipping

750 Floor Scale - Seca

Classic Design
High Quality Mechanics/Rugged Housing
$149.00 excluding shipping

760 Floor Scale - Seca

Large Easy to Read Dial
In Burgundy or Blue
$199.00 excluding shipping