LifeDop Probes Only

Summit LifeDop Obstetrical and Vascular Probes Only for use with LifeDop L150, L250, and L350R dopplers. Also,  Summit LifeDop Vascular ABI Probes for use with LifeDop 250 ABI and LifeDop 300 ABI Systems.


LifeDop Obstetrical Probes Only

Obstetrical Probes for all LifeDop 150/250/350 Dopplers
Choose 2MHz, 2MHz Waterproof or 3MHz
$199.00 excluding shipping

LifeDop Vascular Probes Only

Vascular Probes for all Lifedop 150/250/350 Dopplers
Choose 4MHz, 5MHz 8mhz or 8Mhz Sterilizable
$199.00 excluding shipping